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How Maintenance Can Extend The Life Of Your Roof

A new roof usually comes with a durability rating indicating how long it should last. For instance, some shingled roofs are rated at 20 years, others are rated at 30 and some even extend to 40 and 50 years. Some metal roofing systems are reported to last for as long as 70 years, meaning that putting one on your home likely means you never need to think about it again.

Roof Upkeep Tips

But how do you really get those times out of your roof? Many people neglect their roofs, not even thinking about them until something goes wrong. If they have a 40-year-roof, they assume they have 40 years no matter what. Unfortunately, that’s often not how it works. Maintenance and upkeep go a long way toward extending the life of your roof, and neglect can make it much shorter than the quote that you got when it was installed. With that in mind, here are some steps to take to properly maintain your roof:

  • Have your gutters cleaned every year. Allowing them to fill up can make water overflow and leak at the wrong points, damaging the soffit and the fascia. Gutters that are too full can even bend or twist so that they no longer work. Cleaning doesn’t take long if you have it done consistently.
  • Never allow debris to remain on the roof, especially in the valleys. Examples include dead leaves during the fall and broken tree branches after a storm. Water needs to be able to drain and flow properly, without obstruction, and all debris should get removed by licensed professionals with proper safety equipment.
  • Have damage repaired as soon as it happens. For instance, maybe you notice after a heavy storm that some of your shingles have torn away. Shingles work because they overlap one another at the seams, so a missing shingle is a serious breach in that armor that can compromise the integrity of the entire roof. Get those repairs made right away.
  • Don’t ignore the small issues. For instance, the flashing can sometimes develop weak areas. Get them fixed quickly. Some areas may need to be resealed, especially at corners and other pressure points. It may not seem like a big deal, but one little issue can slowly grow, especially when water gets in and starts to rot out the sheeting or the trusses.
  • Vent your attic properly. Airflow is crucial during the entire year. For instance, in the hottest months of the summer, and attic can get as hot as 160 degrees if it does not have the right vents and airflow systems. This can bake the shingles and cause them to age far more quickly than they should. This is why people are often surprised when their “40-year-roof” has issues after 20 years. It would have lasted far longer with proper care. If you don’t have updated venting, have it installed as soon as possible.
  • Watch out for algae, lichen, dark brown or green staining, and the growth of other types of microscopic particles. Not only do they make the roof look like it hasn’t been cared for, but they can reduce the functionality and the lifespan of the roof. Regular cleaning is a must.
  • Look for damage after every event. Was there a heavy windstorm last night? Did you get hail while you were at work? Did a cold spell lead to ice buildup? Your roof is your first line of defense against the weather. It protects your home. However, this also means that it absorbs that damage, and that’s not without ramifications. Inspect the roof every time you experience such an event and make sure you know when to call in the repair and cleaning crew.

As you can see, the key lies in vigilance. You need to remember that the roof won’t last as long as it was rated if it gets neglected and ignored. Even the best roofing systems in the world will deteriorate faster than they should. With proper care on a consistent basis, though, you can drastically increase the lifespan of your roof, you can limit damage inside the home and you get the most out of those shingles.

Working with Professionals

Cleaning, repairing and updating a roof is not easy. It’s very dangerous to work at such heights without proper training and protection equipment. Many homeowners neglect their roofs not because they don’t care, but because they don’t know where to begin.

Here at Pickle Roofing Solutions, we can help you every step of the way. We offer all of the upkeep and maintenance services that you need, including preventative maintenance. We can carry out annual inspections, recommend fixes and updates, adhere to manufacturer warranties, and make sure you get as many years as possible out of your roof.

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