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Allen Roof Replacement

30+ Years of Roof Replacement Services

When roof repairs are not enough to fix your roofing woes, you may need to reroof or even fully replace your roof. This can be a stressful time, but Pickle Roofing is here to help. We offer roof replacement and reroofing services in Allen. If your roof is failing, our team of highly skilled and experienced roofers can help you either replace your roof or reroof it. 

We are equipped to help you with your residential or commercial roofing projects. Since 2012, our neighbors in Allen have trusted us with their roofing needs. Let us help you keep a roof over your head. 

Pickle Roofing is pleased to offer free roof inspections. Call (972) 945-8576 or contact us online to get started with our team of roofing experts today. 

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Choosing the Right Roofing Material for Your Home

When it comes to replacing or reroofing your home, the choice of roofing material is an important decision. Pickle Roofing Solutions offers a variety of roofing materials to suit your needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Our experienced team can help you understand the benefits of different roofing materials and guide you in selecting the best option for your home.

Some popular roofing materials we offer include:

Each material has its own unique advantages in terms of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Our experts can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and ensure that your new roof not only protects your property but also enhances its curb appeal.

Protect Your Property with Pickle Roofing

Since 2012, Pickle Roofing has proudly provided high-quality roofing services in Allen, Plano, and McKinney. We are pleased to offer a broad range of roofing services, including roof replacement and re-roofing. Our goal is that our customers can depend on our service and rely on us to get the job done right. 

For more information about roof replacement in Allen, please call (972) 945-8576 or contact us online today. 

  • Had we known about them in 2018 we would have had them do the whole roof.

    "Had we known about them in 2018 we would have had them do the whole roof."

    - Aaron M.
  • Fantastic Job

    "Pickle Roofing did a very good job on my house. They coordinated the roof replacement, gutter replacement, inside and outside repairs, fence staining, & inside and outside painting."

    - David E.
  • Professional, Honest & Fast

    "If you need a roof inspection, a roof repair or a roof replacement don't think twice, call Pickle Roofing."

    - Fernanda K
  • Stress-Free Process

    "I can't say enough about Pickle Roofing. The whole process was stress-free. They were detailed and explained the process step by step."

    - Melissa S.
  • Excellent Job

    "Pickle Roofing did an excellent job with our roof. They have on-site supervision of the work being done, and that makes a huge difference."

    - Darren M.

Our Recent Work

  • Multilayer House Photo
    Multilayer House
  • Roof Underlayment 2 Photo
    Roof Underlayment 2
  • Clay Barrel Roof Photo
    Clay Barrel Roof
  • Man tied to top of point on roof Photo
    Man tied to top of point on roof
  • Two men putting down underlayment on roof sheathing Photo
    Two men putting down underlayment on roof sheathing
  • Sun setting on roof Photo
    Sun setting on roof
  • Black shingle roof Photo
    Black shingle roof
  • Man on cylindrical roof Photo
    Man on cylindrical roof
  • Metal Roof Photo
    Metal Roof
  • AC unit on roof Photo
    AC unit on roof
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    PickleRoofing car in front of new roof
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    Men all over Roof
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  • PickleRoofing in front of new roof Photo
    PickleRoofing in front of new roof
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