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Roof Coating in Allen

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Since 2012, Pickle Roofing has helped owners of commercial properties and residential homes alike keep a roof over their heads. One of the ways in which we have helped property owners protect and preserve their properties is through roof coatings. Roof coating not only helps improve the life of your property’s roof, but it can have other benefits as well. For roof coatings in Allen, Plano, and McKinney, Pickle Roofing has you covered. Our professional roofers will help you enjoy a secure roof for many years to come. 

What are The Benefits of Roof Coating? 

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – With a light colored coating, your roof will be able to reflect heat and direct the solar energy away from your building, creating a cooler roof and lightening the burden on your HVAC equipment 
  • Better Waterproofing – A coated roof has an easier time repelling water, meaning that heavy rains will slide right off your roof and you will stay dry inside 
  • Easier Maintenance – Roof coatings make it easier for homeowners and commercial business owners to keep their roof clean for many years to come 

Get started with a free roof inspection from our team of expert roofers! Call (972) 945-8576 or contact us online today. 

How to Maintain a Coated Roof?

Maintaining a coated roof involves regular inspections, cleaning, and addressing any issues promptly. Here are some steps to help you keep your coated roof in good condition:

  • Inspect Regularly: Check the roof for damage or wear every six months and after severe weather.
  • Clean Debris: Remove leaves, branches, and other debris that can trap moisture.
  • Check for Ponding Water: Ensure there are no areas where water is pooling, which can lead to leaks or damage.
  • Repair Minor Damages: Patch small cracks or blisters promptly to prevent them from worsening.
  • Recoat Periodically: Apply a new layer of coating as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain protection.
  • Ensure Proper Drainage: Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear and functioning correctly to prevent water buildup.
  • Trim Overhanging Branches: Keep nearby trees trimmed to prevent branches from damaging the roof.
  • Avoid Foot Traffic: Minimize walking on the roof to prevent damage to the coating.
  • Check Seams and Flashings: Ensure that seams, flashings, and other roof penetrations are sealed and intact.
  • Hire a Professional: Schedule professional inspections and maintenance to address any issues you might have missed.


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What is Roof Coating?

A roof coating can be a great investment in the protection of your roof and your property. Roof coatings can help extend the life of your roof by providing further protection against the elements. Additionally, roof coatings can also help alleviate high energy costs by helping your HVAC system to work less hard to keep your building cool. 

But what is a roof coating? Typically, roof coatings are a fluid applied membrane that goes over your existing roof. There are many different types of roof coatings, from acrylic to silicone. Seamless application means that leaks are plugged and future leaks are easily deterred. 

As helpful as roof coatings can be for many types of roofs, we do not recommend the use of roof coating on shingled roofs, given the normal structure of shingled roofs. However, flat and metal roofs are great candidates for roof coatings. To understand if your roof is a good candidate for a roof coating, our team can perform a free roof inspection. We will assess the condition of your roof and make a recommendation as to what kind of coating is best. 

Pickle Roofing has Roof Coating Solutions for You 

When you need high-quality roofing solutions in Allen, Pickle Roofing is ready to step in and help you. We offer a full range of roof coating options to suit just about any roof and any type of property. Our team works hard to ensure that you receive the roofing services you need, delivered with care and attention to detail. We do our best to personalize your experience and walk you through the entire process. When you choose Pickle Roofing for your roofing needs, you can be sure you are receiving top-quality service every time. 

Protect your home or commercial property with roof coatings from Pickle Roofing. Call (972) 945-8576 or contact us online to get started. 

  • Had we known about them in 2018 we would have had them do the whole roof.

    "Had we known about them in 2018 we would have had them do the whole roof."

    - Aaron M.
  • Fantastic Job

    "Pickle Roofing did a very good job on my house. They coordinated the roof replacement, gutter replacement, inside and outside repairs, fence staining, & inside and outside painting."

    - David E.
  • Professional, Honest & Fast

    "If you need a roof inspection, a roof repair or a roof replacement don't think twice, call Pickle Roofing."

    - Fernanda K
  • Stress-Free Process

    "I can't say enough about Pickle Roofing. The whole process was stress-free. They were detailed and explained the process step by step."

    - Melissa S.
  • Excellent Job

    "Pickle Roofing did an excellent job with our roof. They have on-site supervision of the work being done, and that makes a huge difference."

    - Darren M.

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